Since 1969 we breed German shepherds with love and passion. We carefully select the best dogs, both for morphology and temperament. All dams and sires are checked from the point of view of health, they are officially X-rayed and completely even-tempered.

The German shepherd is very popular especially for its great adaptability. It works hard with humans in different environments: researches, blind people, narcotics, Animal-assisted Therapy. This dog is the reliable guardian of our houses and a faithful household companion.

We raise our pups fully respecting their very nature. They are naturally weaned, little-by-little and with no problems. We know how to work, during the two months they are in our breeding, pups are well socialized with both people and other dogs. It is for this reason that we heartily recommend these pups to those people who want to have a dog in their family.

Once collected the pups, we are happy to continue to follow our customers. We provide you with advices and suggestions particularly during the first months. The pup must indeed be raised with attention, giving confidence and loving it. Due to its youthful energy it will no doubt make some mistakes, but you will just have to scold it in a firm voice, no violence at all, to bring it to understand the mistake and to grow meeting the expectations of the owner. In so doing, you will create with your dog a strong and long-lasting emotional bond. Due to its natural instinct the dog will not hesitate to defend you, if necessary.