Our breeding centre has a fenced and equipped training ground and takes advantage of qualified dog trainers. We aim at offering a service to all those people who want to train their dog. To this end, we have different training courses.
The ground is open Wednesday and Saturday.
Basic training
The basic training includes different training sessions to suitably handle your dog in the daily life: “on-lead” behavior, stay, sit, down, heel, recall, use of kennel and muzzle. The course includes 8 lessons, held on Saturdays.
Advanced training
The advanced training program includes more complicated sessions such as, for example, “off-lead” behaviour, bring back, remote control positions. The course is for dogs with good basic training.
Behavioural problem solution
Any behavioural problem demands special attention. This is why we suggest to meet first. During this encounter, the owner will explain in detail what the problem is. When the diagnosis is given, a special recovery program will be developed. Depending on the problem the workshop can be accomplished with a behavioural veterinary.
For further information please contact us.
It is important to remember that the dogs attending the educational courses must be fully inoculated.
Preparation for dog shows
We arrange meetings for those people who wish to approach dog shows.
It is a 4 lesson course for puppies 3 to 5 months of age.
The aim of this course is to provide owners with the instruments needed to easily establish a suitable and steady relationship with the animal, without undesirable behaviours.
Puppies can socialize for the first time with other dogs, challenging situations until then unknown to them.
For puppies it is once in a lifetime educational experience during a crucial development stage. Owners can get off on the right foot and fully enjoy living with their dog since the beginning.
Courses are attended by pedigree and cross breed puppies, 3 to 5 months of age and fully inoculated.